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Ich besuche regelmäßig Seminare und Vorträge um mich weiterzubilden und das bei den unterschiedlichsten Referenten. Manche habe ich nur einmal besucht um mir selbst ein Bild zu machen und festzustellen, dass meine Art und Weise zu arbeiten eine andere ist, bei anderen bin ich immer wieder gerne. Hier finden Sie meine besuchten Seminare. Sie werden feststellen, dass sich auch Fortbildungen für den menschlichen Bereich dort finden.
Ich möchte Sie so gut betreuen, wie es nur geht.

Die Liste meiner Fortbildungen wird ständig ergänzt. Stillstand ist Rückschritt. 

  • Aggression in dogs Conference 2023
    A Life of Aggression. Sometimes it's more about the Journey than the Destination. (Michael Shikashio)
    Possession is 10/10th of the Law - What if Resource Guarding means more than we think? (Sue Sternberg)
    Nature favors the brave: A biological look at aggression (Dr. Tim Lewis, PhD)
    If the environment trains your dog, can you out-train the environment? (Sue Sternberg, Dr. Tim Lewis, PhD)
    My dog really bit the mailman: Case studies an lessons from dog to human (Irith Bloom)
    Heart of the matter: Understanding the "Why" in behavior an how to use that to make individualized training Programs (Sean Will, Maasa Nishimuta)
    From death row to deliverance: Practical approaches to behavior change strategiers for shelter dogs with a history of aggression (Saharai Salazar)
    Lip Licks and tucked tails: Humane handling an restraint in a high stress world (Dr. Christine Calder, DVM, DACVB)
    Impulsivity and Aggression (Dr. Kristina Spaulding PhD)
    It's time to see the Veterinarian behaviorist: The complexity of aggression cases seen by veterinary (Dr. Wailani Sung, MS, PhD, DVM, DACVB)
    Roomates bite: Success in intrahousehold aggression (Sarah Stremming)
    The Importance of complex social lives: Lessons learnt from streeties (Sindhoor Pangal)

  • Learning the Ropes: All Things Leash Handling (Michael Shikashio and Grisha Stewart)

  • The Genetics of Aggression (Dr. Jessica Hekman) 

  • Master Course Aggression in dog (Michael Shikashio): 
    The Flow of an Aggression Case 
    The Consequences for Dog Bites 
    Safety First! Management Principles and Equipment in Aggression Cases 
    BEFORE Meeting with the Client 
    Dog Body Language Specific to Aggression Cases 
    Defensive Handling and Leash Skills 
    How to Break up a Dog Fight 
    History Taking and What Really Matters 
    Initial Greetings and Observations - What to Look For! 
    Prognosis - The Key to Realistic Expectations, Avoiding Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue 
    Client Consulting - Navigating Difficult Conversations, Improving Client Commitment, and Fostering Success 
    Ethological Considerations for Aggression Presented by Kim Brophey CDBC 
    Medical Issues and Behavior Medication in Aggression Cases Presented by Dr. Chris Pachel DVM, DACVB, CABC 
    Behavior Modification Principles in Aggression Cases 
    Dog to Human Aggression - Behavior Cases Part One 
    Dog to Human Aggression - Behavior Cases Part Two 
    Dog to Human Aggression - Behavior Cases Part Three 
    Dog to Dog Aggression – Principles 
    Dog to Dog Aggression - Behavior Cases 
    Resource Guarding – Principles 
    Resource Guarding - Behavior Cases 
    Compassion Fatigue - What It Is and Why You Need to be Aware of It - Presented by Jessica Dolce CCFE 
    Putting it All Together and Next Steps for Success

  • Clicker-Expo 2022: 
    Training Squats: The ups and downs of Shifting Criteria (Michele Pouliot) 
    Lucky, wrong, or Data: Building evidence-based training Skills (Susan G. Friedman Ph.D.) 
    A succsessful approach: Your dog controls the distance (Leslie McDevitt)  
    Animals, Start your engines: Where to start your training with any animal (Ken Ramirez) 
    Fido lives with Fluffy: Creating calm in cat and dog household (Chiraq Patel) 
    Trust Code: Unlocking the science of trust ( Sarah Owings)  
    Ready, set, Oh NO! Click to calm in the canine sport environment (Emma Parsons) 
    Team in Transition: How to bring husbandry at home behaviors to the vet-clinic? (Laura Monaco Torelli and Kelly Ballantyne) 
    Building Behavior: Shape the future (Laura Van Arndonk Baugh) 
    Reversibility: A great technique for learning new skills (Alexandra Kurland)  
    Unlocking Enthusiasm: Precision and Clarity for a confident performance (Hannah Brannigan) 
    Clever Hans was right - The Art of adding and clarifying cues (Sarah Owings) 
    Bitter Pill to swallow (Kathy Sdao)  
    Is it all operant? (Dr. Jesus Rosalez-Ruiz) 
    Cat trick Training (Melissa Millet)  
    Basic Tools for advanced Trainers (Susan Friedmann Ph D., Hannah Branigan, Alexandra Kurland, Michele Pouliot, Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao)  
    Live from the Shelter: grace under pressure (Lindsay Wood Brown)  
    Problem Alarm: Training for Dogs that are reactive to home visitors (Debbie Martin) 
    Early Leraner: Using differential reinforcement to teach puppies (Laurie Luck)  
    Upset to Upbeat (Kathy Sdao)  
    Managing (More!) Problem behaviors (Chirag Patel)  
    Snakes on the Plain! Snake avoidance training using positive reinforcement (Ken Ramirez)  
    The client journey (Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas) 
    Safe and skilled: Behaviors that diffuse dangerous situations (Emma Parsons)  
    Let's talk Cooperative Care: Husbandry and training in other contexts (Ken Ramirez, Eva Bertilson, Peggy Hojan, Debbie Martin, Chirag Patel, Laura Monaco Torelli)  
    Advanced Skills for nose work (Sarah Owings)  
    Train that chain: Behavior chains (Laura VanArendonk Baugh)  
    How to approach a spinning chainsaw: Safe handling in aggression cases (Michael Shikashio) 
    Training X-factors: Understanding extraordinary variables that affect animal learning ( Tim Sullivan)  
    The 3d Dog: Exploring Body language for clarity and understanding (Terry Hayward)  
    On and on: movement essentials for older dogs (Lori Stevens)  
    PORTL in action: Designing (and adjusting!) successful shaping plans (Mary Hunter)  
    Proof it or lose it: Building resilient behavior from home (Hannah Branigan) 
    Your reactive dog needs a LATTE: A game for decompression and enrichement (Leslie MCDevitt) 
    Let's talk other species ( Ken Ramirez, Dusan Friedmann, Alexandra Kurland, Melissa Millet, Laura Monaco-Torelli, Tim Sullivan)  
    She's a Natural: Fun prep for canine sport (Laurie C. Williams)  
    Innovation Through collaboration: What's new at the zoo? Rhinos and gators (Susan G. Friedmann Ph D.) 
    Pet and Performance: Parallel Power(Hannah Branigan) 
    What should we do? Real cases, Practoce Plans, Safe Discussion (Emma Parsons)  
    Tricks are not just for kids ( Melissa Millet)  
    Bait ans Switch 2.0: Advanced Luring skills (Michele Pouliot)  
    Geeking out about guarding (Lindsay Wood Brown)  
    Problem solved (Chirag Patel)  
    Coaching clients and students online (Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas)  
    Lights, Camera, Aggression (Michael Shikashio)  
    Love it! Effective Non-foof Reinforcement (Ken Ramirez)  
    Translation Required: Applying the medical Model to behavior cases (Chirag Patel)  
    Separation Anxiety: Distance, Duration, Distractions- Building Beyond Basics (Terry Hayward) 
    Let's talk Aggression and working with clients (Aaron Clayton, Lindsay Wood Brown, Susan Friedmann, Emma Parsons, Kathy Sdao, Michael Shikashio)  
    "Sees" the movement. Movement Skilly that benifit your dog and shapen your observation skills (Lori Stevens)  
    Lab coat Optional: What does it means to be a science based trainer? (Dr. Christy Allegood)  
    Games people play (Terry Ryan) 
    Near ans far: Safely integrate long line Equipment intoo everyday adventure (Laura Monaco Torelli)

  • MET Conference 2022: 
    Aggressive behavior in dogs: Understanding and solution (Chirag Patel) 
    Ideal motivation and appropriately chosen criteria for dog training (Martina Magnoli Klimesova) 
    Dog Nail Maintenance and Cooperative Care (Martina Vondrakova)  
    How to understand and work with Dog Aggression towards Humans (Michael Shikashio) 
    Practical solutions to common training situations usind positive methods (Chirag Patel) 
    The use of obidience in everyday coexistance (Julia Bukovinska)  
    Social dog (Turid Rugaas)  
    How to deal with separation anxiety (Malena DeMartini) 
  • Aggression in dogs Conference 2022: 
    Bites from abroad - Aggression around the World (Michael Shikashio) 
    Sometimes, it my be Zebras when you hear hoofs. Unique mediacal conditions in Aggression cases (Amber Batson) 
    Advanced concepts in Leash Reactivity, what, when and how to change criteria (Jessica Wheatcraft) 
    The social Neuroscience, Psychology an Ethology of Aggression in Wild and Domestic Canids (Simon Gadbois) 
    The Complexities of Aggression Cases: The human side of the Equation (Rise VanFleet)  
    Boundaries and Bonding without Bites (Jen Sheyock and Helen St. Pierre)  
    Technology rocks: Revolutionize your Aggression Practice (Karishma Warr) 
    From House of Cards to solid foundation: Practical RCT Techniques for Aggression cases (Suzanne Clothier)  
    The great expactations of cooperative Care: Unravel the who, where, what, and why of husbandry behaviors (Laura Monaco Torelli) 
    From Feisties to Fearful: How to handle fractious Fidos in the field (Aditi Czarnomski) 
    Hunting together? - Possibilities, challenges and limitations of R+ Approach for Predators Behavior (Simone Müller)  
    Screw the pooch: Ethology explains the Masterpiece of natural selection and the Mess of arrtificial Selection in modern Canine Aggression Cases (Kim Brophey) 

  • The Aggression in dogs Conference 2021: 
    The evolution of aggression: Where we have been and where we are going (Michael Shikashio) 
    Medication Use for Aggression Cases: Applications and considerations (Chris Pachel) 
    Turning Triggers into behavioral cues (Kathy Sdao) 
    Two steps forward and one step back: A case study in reactivity (Denise Fenzi) 
    Lessons learned from former fighting dogs (Victoriy Cussen)  
    Sitting in the U-Bend: Talking about behavioral euthanasia (Trish McMillan) 
    But my dog isn't food motivated (Kathy Sdao) 
    Treating aggression through an enrichement framework (Allie Bender and Emilie Strong)  
    Have you been following the changes in BAT for socialization and resilience (Grisha Stewart) 
    When people attack: Defensive handling skills for humans (Melanie Cerone) 
    Is your aggressive dog painful? (Debbie Gross Torraca)  
    Working through challenges with training and behavior management of day to day and veterinary care behaviors (Chirag Patel) 

  • Stay@Home> - Online Hundekongress (verschiedene Referent:innen)
  • Trainingstechniken verbessern (Dagmar Spillner) 
  • ClickerCon 2019 (verschiedene Referent:innen)
  • Online Hundekongress 2019 (verschiedene Referent:innen)
  • ClickerCon 2018 (verschiedene Referent:innen)
  • Der Social Walk (Gerd Schreiber) 
  • Verhalten möglichst fehlerfrei und schnell trainieren; Dokumentation uvm. (Bob Bailey) 
  • Targets für alle Sinne (Katrin Heimsath) 
  • Canis domesticus (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Querdenkertage 2017 (Easy Dogs, verschiedene Referent:innen) 
  • Planet Hund (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Die Körpersprache des Hundes (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Tiertraining imTierpark (Wibke Hagemann) 
  • Schlagfertigkeitstraining (Dagmar Spillner) 
  • Körpersprache (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Verhalten unterbrechen (Anja Fiedler) 
  • Faszination "Erkennen & Begreifen" (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Gewaltfreie Kommunikation nach Marshall Rosenberg (Heike Raskopf) 
  • Easy Dogs Querdenkertage (verschiedene Referent:innen) 
  • Trainer-Seminar für Draußen-Staubsauger / Giftköder-Seminar (Sonja Meiburg) 
  • Verhaltenstherapie, Vorgehensweisen und Methode, Block 3 (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Gemeinsam entspannt durch's Leben (Nicole Dumke) 
  • Planet Hund (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Verhaltenstherapie, Vorgehensweisen und Methode, Block 2 (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Verhaltenstherapie, Vorgehensweisen und Methoden, Block 1 (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Canis domesticus (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Mit Hunden ganzheitlich trainieren (Elisabeth Beck) 
  • Social Psychology (Wesleyan University, Prof. Scott Plous) 
  • Learning how to learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects  
    (UC San Diego, Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, Dr. Barbara Oakley) 
  • Animal Behavior and Welfare (The University of Edinburgh, Professor Nat Waran, Dr Fritha Langford, Heather J Bacon, BSc BVSc CertZooMed MRCVS, Miss Hayley Walters, RVN, Dr Jill MacKay) 
  • Inspiring Leadership through emotional intelligence (Case Western Reserve University, Prof. Richard Boyzatis) 
  • Stress, Impulskontrolle und Frust (Amira Sultan) 
  • Aktualgenese und Motivation der Attacken von Hunden auf Kinder ( Dr. Dorit Urd Feddersen Petersen) 
  • Gewalt in der Hundeerziehung (Thomas Riepe) 
  • Welpenerziehung nach CumCane (Dieter Degen) 
  • Antijagdtraining mit Spaß und Kreativität (Boris Christian Boochs) 
  • IQ - Test im Tierreich (Dr. Immanuel Birmelin) 
  • Trennungsstress beim Hund (Gerrit Stephan) 
  • Depressionen beim Hund (PD Dr. Ud Gansloßer) 
  • Scent Hurdle Racing (Pia Gröning) 
  • Ernährung (Sonja Schneider) 
  • Vom Sinn und Unsinn der Erziehungsstile aus verhaltensbiologischer Sicht (PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer) 
  • Hilfsmittel in der Hundeerziehung und ihre Folgen; Hundesport (Claudia Brune) 
  • Das Angstverhalten des Hundes (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Hundliche Konflikte (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Physio-Seminar für Sporthunde (Angela Ebert) 
  • Kommunikation - warum nicht immer alles klar ist (PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer) 
  • Wer hat Angst vorm bösen Hund? Behandlung von aggressivem Verhalten bei Hunden (Dr.med. vet. Renate Jones-Baade) 
  • Spielenden Hunden... sollte man zuschauen (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Spielverhalten (PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer und Günther Bloch) 
  • Die Auswirkung von Schilddrüsenproblemen auf das Verhalten (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Physio-Seminar für Discdogger (Angela Ebert) 
  • Dominanz-Ein Konzept zieht Kreise (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold) 
  • Fernstudium Tierpsychologie mit Schwerpunkt Hund der ATN (CH) 
    Dieses umfasst unter anderem folgende Themen: 
    Ethologie von Wolf und Hund, 
    Ausdrucksverhalten und Ontogenese, 
    Freilandstudien bei Wölfen und Straßenhunden,                      
    Motivation und Ausbildungsmethoden beim Hund, 
    neurobiologische Grundlagen, 
    Stress und Stressmanagement, 
    Genetik und Zucht, 
    Umgang mit Kunden, 
    Angstverhalten und Trennungsproblematik, 
    Probleme in Zusammenhang mit Bellverhalten, 
    destruktivem Verhalten, 
    Das Fernstudium habe ich damals aus Freude am Wissenserwerb absolviert, damals gab es noch keine gesetzlichen Vorgaben zur Fortbildung von Hundetrainer:innen, deswegen habe ich auf die Prüfungen verzichtet.

  • Hüteschnuppertag (Anita Hermes) 
  • Timing und Distance (Björn Tigges) 
  • Ausdrucks- und Sozialverhalten der Hunde (Anton Fichtlmeier) 
  • Lernen, Gedächtnis und Stress (PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer) 
  • Erste Hilfe am Hund (ASB) 
  • Einfach Spielen (Christina Sondermann) 
  • Die soziale Intelligenz des Hundes (Adam Miklosi) 
  • Motivationstechniken (Thomas Baumann) 
  • Ausdrucksverhalten und Kommunikation (Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen) 
  • Hundebegegnungen - für ein besseres Miteinander (Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann) 
  • Haushunde-, Straßenhunde- und Wolfsverhalten im Vergleich (Günther Bloch) 
  • Problemverhalten bei Familien- und Haushunden (Gaby Kaiser) 
  • Motivation (Prof. Ekhard Lind) 
  • Warm-up und cool down bei Sporthunden (Daniela Maag) 
  • Clickern für Fortgeschrittene (Birgit Laser) 
  • Wurf- und Richterseminar (Chris Sexton) 
  • Alltag mit Hund (Martin Rütter) 
  • Kommunikation mit dem Hund (Joachim Leidhold/Sandra Binnig) 
  • T-Touch (Bärbel Euler)

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Im Juni 2012 habe ich mit einigen anderen engagierten Kollegen das Projekt "Trainieren statt dominieren" ins Leben gerufen, eine Interessengemeinschaft gewaltfrei arbeitender Hundetrainer.
Mehr Infos unter www.trainieren-statt-dominieren.de

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 Im Frühjahr 2023 habe ich die Fortbildung Master Course Aggression in dogs abgeschlossen

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